Wilmington On Fire

Exclusive Clips: Wilmington On Fire (DOCUMENTARY)

June 2, 2012 Double7 Images

“They murdered everyone who was either of power, or in power. Educated blacks. Populist whites. I’m sure they had a hit list of people to kill. I’m sure this was not spontaneous…” ~ Kent Chatfield Wilmington on Fire is moving along, and director Chris Everett just shared a few clips with me that I will […]

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Petition of the White Gov’t Union (PHOTO)

May 15, 2012 Double7 Images

Kent Chatfield talks to director Chris Everett (photo by Jesse Kale) Yes, the blog post title is real. It’s referring to an 1898 petition by white folks in North Carolina to “re-establish in North Carolina the SUPREMACY of the WHITE RACE. The CAPS are not mine. You can take a look at a snapshot of […]

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Wilmington On Fire (VIDEO SNIPPET)

February 21, 2012 Double7 Images

Thanks to YOU we reached the goal and director Chris Everett was able to finish production for “Wilmington on Fire”. Check out this clip of Dr. Lewin Manly (grandson of Alex Manly) talking about his grandfather and other African-American’s achievements in Wilmington, NC after slavery. Learn more on the WOF Facebook Page!

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Wilmington on Fire (INTERVIEW)

January 24, 2012 Double7 Images

The Shadow and Act post about the film is now the most shared on their website (405 times and counting)! We are going to keep sharing some of the tidbits that raised our interest in this project and I invite you to check out the link below to hear Dr. Lewin Manly explain the history […]

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Wilmington on Fire (Soundtrack Preview!)

January 16, 2012 Double7 Images

More exclusive behind the scenes for the Wilmington on Fire documentary! WILMINGTON ON FIRE: Official Soundtrack Preview (Voice of the Regular People) Voice of the Regular People (by Ness Lee) Voice of the Regular People (instrumental) From Director Chris Everett: “I wanted to have a hip-hop vibe to the documentary “Wilmington on Fire” along with […]

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Exclusive Soundtrack Preview!

January 12, 2012 Double7 Images

We’ve decided to release a preview of the soundtrack on our upcoming documentary Wilmington on Fire. Hear what the composer has to say about working on this project: Take a Listen! “I never knew about the race riot in Wilmington. North Carolina until I met the director Chris Everett. It was part of our history […]

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