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Premium | Feature Film | Codeblack & Showtime Networks

98 Minutes | Super 16MM Film | On Location in NYC/NJ
Client : Double7 Images
Completed : Winter 2005

Premium was my debut feature film, so it holds the obvious special place in my heart. We raised $520,000 for the film, pre-crowdfunding, and put together an amazing cast and crew for a 21 day shoot. This particular scene was one of my favorites as the entire five minute conversation is all subtext between Cool (the gas attendant) and Charli (his ex-fiance) as they discuss what happened to their prior relationship. Charli’s current fiance sits right in the mix, never knowing that Cool is the ex, allowing the audience to have a leg up on the characters. We didn’t have much time to shoot this, but strategic improvisational direction kept the scene fresh and I’m happy with what was my first dinner scene. They’re always tough!

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