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I Wanna Breathe | Music Video | Sananda Maitreya

4 Minutes | Shot on RED Epic | On Location in NYC/NJ
Client : Treehouse Publishing
Completed : Winter 2015

Treehouse Publishing contacted me about creating a music video for this song, inspired by the death of Eric Garner. Knowing we would have one day to shoot and lots to capture, I decided that a simple approach would work best. Three generations of black men are confronted by images of police violence, put in context against the larger struggle for civil rights in America. They each respond with a different emotion and at the conclusion, I strove to present a tunnel of hope. We shot the entire piece handheld to connect it to the unsteady character emotions and style of police videos/stock footage we incorporated. The color palette of gray and blue, captured with available light, was designed to keep the mood cold and uninviting.