Storyteller Casting Call: Be Featured In Our New Documentary!

January 30, 2013 Double7 Images

Whether you are a veteran storyteller, new to the industry, or just someone who enjoys good entertainment, it’s no secret that the landscape of filmmaking has changed. Double7 Images and martha’s seed entertainment are embarking on a documentary journey in “CLICK HERE” that will provide an intimate look at the current anatomy of creating a […]

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Tarantino On Violence. Or Not. (VIDEO)

January 12, 2013 Thoughts

I thought I was done posting for the day BUT this is what happens when you’re rendering media and clicking around the web in the interim. In this interview, the journalist tries to corner Tarantino on the impact of violence in movies, especially pertinent considering Vice President Biden was in the midst of the same […]

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Netflix For The Win w/David Fincher

January 12, 2013 Stamp of Approval

Last I read on this there were all kinds of “issues” because Netflix was being pulled over the $100MM mark for the production of this original series. What do you expect when you partner up with one of the most detail oriented filmmakers with a penchant for perfection? From the looks of the trailer, I […]

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New D7I About Page Layout (PHOTOS)

January 12, 2013 Double7 Images

One of my favorite photographers, Lobo Jones (aka Eric Van’t Zelfden) recently snapped this pic that I decided to add to my company’s About Page. Check out the website below. We’ve got a bunch of new work and some really cool campaigns about to hit the web in the coming weeks. 2013 has begun! (Double7 […]

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Niche: A Docuseries from Tru$tfund Collective (VIDEO)

January 5, 2013 Stamp of Approval

‘NICHE’ The Documentary Series: Episode #1 – AKINTOLA HANIF [HYCIDE MAGAZINE] from tru$tfundTV on Vimeo. My man Jay Troupe just released this online docuseries on “creating yourself and finiding your creative niche.” It’s a series for Creatives, Artisans, Artists, Musicians, Innovators, Designers, Influencers, Skaters, Directors and more. Check it out! (Tru$tfund Website)

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The Salvation Army Hurricane Sandy Response (VIDEO)

January 2, 2013 Clients

The Salvation Army Hurricane Sandy Response from Double7 Images on Vimeo. Here is the director’s cut of a short film I recently did for The Salvation Army. Cinematography by my buddies Giga Shane and Cliff Charles. Editing & Graphics by Giga Shane. I handled the B-Camera but no big deal. Definitely something I’d suggest for […]

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