The Salvation Army Hurricane Sandy Response (VIDEO)

The Salvation Army Hurricane Sandy Response from Double7 Images on Vimeo.

Here is the director’s cut of a short film I recently did for The Salvation Army. Cinematography by my buddies Giga Shane and Cliff Charles. Editing & Graphics by Giga Shane. I handled the B-Camera but no big deal. Definitely something I’d suggest for all you directors out there as multiple angles ensures a diversity of coverage. The project was shot on the Sony FS100, Canon 5F and 7D, and the Canon C300.

About The Film:
Hurricane Sandy brought unprecedented levels of damage and destruction to the Greater New York area. The Salvation Army responded as it always does when disaster strikes: by putting boots on the ground, supplies in reach of those who need them, and making sure that whatever needed to happen — happened — and in the most efficient way possible. This video illustrates a few of their efforts across NYC, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

(Learn More + Donate to The Salvation Army)

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