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The game has changed … is changing … and will change more! Producer Jason Blum was recently at SXSW waxing poetic on his strategies for success.

“When asked for advice about how to break into the industry, Blum urged the crowd not to wait for approval from Hollywood. “The advice I give for filmmakers starting out is don’t wait for me. Don’t wait for the industry… It’s a mistake to wait for Hollywood to tell you you have a good idea. If you have a good idea, try to make it on your own as cheaply as possible… on your phone.”


Double7 Images | Sizzle Reel from Double7 Images on Vimeo.

It’s been quite awhile since the last update, so I figured it’d be time to share what we’ve been up to! The last 6 months I directed and shot videos and campaigns for clients including Vespa, Interactive One, McDonalds, General Mills, Buick and more. See it all in the Double7 Images sizzle reel above (which I also edited). Complete filmmaking means being able to dive into every task, at least when necessary.

Check out the pictures from our private launch event for the “Click Here: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Making Movies” crowdfunding campaign. Click HERE for photos. And LIKE US on Facebook.

State of Cinema: Steven Soderbergh from San Francisco Film Society on Vimeo.

Tru dat.

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For Film School Graduates, An Altered Job Picture

March 10, 2013 Thoughts

Yet another interesting article from the NY Times about the ever-changing entertainment industry. This is why we’re making our documentary! As home-entertainment revenue declined in the last five years, studios reduced spending on scripts from new writers, cut junior staff positions and severely curtailed deals with producers who once provided entry-level positions for film school […]

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UPDATED! Sneak Peek of Click Here Promo (VIDEO)

March 10, 2013 Double7 Images

We’ve done a ton of shooting in the past few weeks, but right before we dove into that production period I cut a short promo to show what we’d done through June 2013. Check it out above. We’ll be launching a Seed&Spark campaign in the coming weeks so we can take the production to Austin, […]

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